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At the cutting edge of window technology: Solid Wood has enjoyed a revival of popularity in the windows and doors community for its superior structural stability, energy efficiency, low maintenance, low environmental impact, and most of all, its unparalleled beauty.


Low Maintenance: With an inferior Solid Wood species, cut, and finish, Solid Wood windows are high maintenance: the finish can crack and the Solid Wood may warp. With the proper Solid Wood species, cut, and finish, these problems are entirely avoided. New age Solid Wood Windows and Doors are treated properly and stained well to withstand hard weathering agencies. Unlike traditional Solid Wood window and doors finishes, a penetrating stain infiltrates the Solid Wood windows and doors, soaking into its pores. Because the finish is embedded in the Solid Wood windows and doors, it allows the Solid Wood to expand and contract without stretching the finish itself.


Energy Efficiency: Solid Wood windows and doors are highly energy efficient. In fact, Solid Wood insulates more than any other window and door material available. This, coupled with our double overlay sash detail, double gaskets, and multipoint locking hardware, results in the highest performing windows and doors in the market. It’s no wonder that Solid Wood casement windows are the choice for everyone of all time.


Dimensionally stable: Solid Wood windows and doors remains one of the most stable building materials available. All windows expand and contract with temperature changes; however, uPVC windows and doors expands more than twice as much as Solid Wood and seven times more than glass. While uPVC, Aluminum, and fiberglass can sag and warp over time, Solid Wood windows and doors-if engineered correctly- will remain structurally sound for many lifetimes. If Solid Wood windows and doors are manufactured out of solid, vertical grain hard Solid Woods like burma teak, plantation, mahogany or merenti Solid Wood it can be extremely stable and long lasting.


Quality of life: As just mentioned, Solid Wood windows and doors regulate indoor humidity naturally by absorbing excess humidity and releasing it again. Furthermore, Solid Wood windows and doors absorb CO2 from their environs while releasing oxygen. This means that Solid Wood windows and doors generate an indoor air quality not possible with any other windows and doors materials.


Unparalleled beauty: You will be hard pressed to find someone willing to admit that there is a more beautiful windows and doors material specially ITALIAN WINDOWS available than Solid Wood. Perhaps the most compelling testimony to the charm of Solid Wood is that many manufacturers are now offering uPVC window systems which looks like Solid Wood surfaces, in an effort to simulate the unparalleled beauty of Solid Wood windows and doors.