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You want your home to express your style and your standards. That’s why you selected INTEGRITY windows and doors. Now a new collection of designer handles is readily available, offering a wide array of design options to complement your architectural style and complete your vision. These hardware selections look great with all our products. Just as importantly, they are engineered to operate dependably with your windows and doors.


INTEGRITY windows and doors handles you see here illustrate a simple truth regarding the design elements of form and function: Innovation and tradition are not opposite. Instead, innovation is the natural extension of an exceptional dedication to craft.


We constantly look to add new designs and search for the best quality suppliers and manufacturers available in windows and doors world. Take a look at some of our most recent uPVC handles, wood windows and doors, aluminum wood clad windows and doors or any other windows.


Window Handle - Espag


Espagnolette handles have a square spindle bar, which protrudes from the back of the handle and slots into a lock mechanism in the window.


Most espag handles have standard fixing sizes and are fairly universal, (2 screws which are 43mm apart, and a 7mm diameter spindle) so you can often use any design of espag handle when replacing one, although the spindle length may need to be cut down to suit certain windows.


Window Handle - Spaded


Spaded, or bladed handles have a flat metal blade which protrudes from the back of the handle into a lock mechanism on the window.
When the handle is moved the blade slides from top to bottom.


Window Handle - Tilt & Turn

Handles to suit a variety of tilt & turn windows from a variety of manufacturers. Tilt and turn window handles turn to at least 3 different positions, to correctly operate the different features on a tilt & turn window.

Depending on the type of system in question, the handle required may have a square spindle drive, a flat blade drive or some form of ‘forked’ blade drive.  Some tilt & turn systems require a dedicated design of handle, so ensure


Door Handle - Lever/Lever

Door handles to suit a range of multipoint locks from all different lock manufacturers. All handles come in pairs and can be used for either left or right-handed doors unless otherwise specified.

These handles are for locks where the bolts are engaged by lifting the lever handle upwards, and will allow the door to be opened from either side unless the lock has been fully locked first.  One of the most important measurements you will need to match in order to obtain the correct handles is what is known as the ‘PZ’ size.  This is the measurement from the centre of the square spindle hole (for the lever) to the centre of the circular part of the key barrel.


Some handles include extra handle springs (where possible), which assist in returning the lever back to its original position after use. This prevents the lever from dropping downwards when the lock’s internal springs become worn. See individual product details to see if handle sets are supplied sprung or un-sprung.