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Dust Proof Windows



Most of the dust problems involve external windows and doors. It always comes back even after cleaning the room twice a day. Following if done correctly can help a great extent in making your windows dust proof windows.

Closing the GAP’s right

The biggest factor which allows dust to enter your house are the following: -


1. Gap between the wall and the outer frame, Which should be filled with the help of silicone or PU foam.


2. Gap between the outer frame and the sash which should be covered with wool pile in case of slider windows and slider doors or overlapped by epdm gaskets in case of a casement windows and casement doors.


3. Gap between the Sash and the glass which should be overlapped by epdm gaskets  which stops not only dust but also the sound.


4. Many time it has been observed in old wood windows and aluminum windows the joints opens up which allows dust to enter inside you home.



If the above mentioned remedies are followed in all windows and doors, major percentage of dust will stop entering into your homes.