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While making a new home, the hardware on your windows seems pretty insignificant. In actuality, it is quite important and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Window and doors hardware can include:

Locks: The lock system on your windows and doors is key in preventing easy entry for intruders. INTEGRITY windows and doors come with multipoint locking system, which helps sealing the windows and doors better. It also helps in making the windows and doors – soundproof, weatherproof and dust proof.

Hinges: Windows and doors open by sliding horizontally, or they can open out or in. INTEGRITY sliding windows and doors varieties have rollers, which helps moving the sliding windows and doors smoothly. INTEGRITY casement windows and doors have friction hinges and 3D/ flag hinges respectively to support the weight of the sash and to function properly


INTEGRITY windows and doors hardware comes in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes. You can choose the merely functional designs, or try something more decorative. Polished brass hardware, for example, will really stand out and dress-up your frame. The quality of the hardware is equally as important as the appearance. Our hardware will take high amounts of stress through repeated use, and is warranted.