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Following are the most frequently asked question for selecting windows and doors: -


Can you match my existing style of window?


We offer an extremely wide range of windows to complement every home from our best selling White UPVC windows and doors, our wood finishes which give the charm of natural wood finishes. Why not get a quote and one of our fitting specialists can show you the options we can offer.


Do you offer bay windows?


Yes, we do offer bay windows. We can manufacture bay windows in virtually all of our window styles and finishes to match the rest of the INTEGRITY windows and doors in your home, and they come in a number of configurations, including square bays for windows and doors.


Do you make windows to order?


Yes we do. Why not call us on +91 11 46016300, or fill in Fix an appointment or Request a Call form to discuss your individual requirements?


How long will the visit from INTEGRITY windows and doors designer take?


We usually advise at least 1 hour for the designer to take down all measurements and to discuss the various window options available to you


How long will it take me to get my new windows?


The production time lines from the date of measurements are as follows: -

1.       WOOD CLAD LINE  -        8 – 12 weeks
2.       ALU-WOOD LINE    -        8 – 12 weeks
3.       METAL LINE           -        8 – 12 weeks
4.       UPVC LINE             -        3 – 4 weeks


The above will majorly depend on your individual order and quantity.


What will happen to my old windows?


Not only will we take away your old windows for you but we will make sure any old windows are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Do you offer Albertini windows and doors from ITALY?

We are exclusive importer of Albertini SpA windows and doors in INDIA. We can offer you the complete range of Solid wood windows and doors, Solid wood clad windows and doors and aluminum slim frame windows and doors.


How long will it take to install new Windows and Doors and doors?


Every job is different. New properties are normally quicker and easier installations than older properties, and it very much depends upon how many Windows and Doors and doors we are installing.

Usually, a full house of Windows and Doors can take 3-4 days to install, but please speak to your local INTEGRITY windows and doors dealer for a full estimate and delivery timescales.


How much will I save on my energy bills if I replace my old Windows and Doors?


According to the studies, if your home is single glazed or your double glazing then you could be losing more energy than necessary, and therefore money, literally out of the window. However, by switching to Energy Efficient Windows and Doors you can save energy and reduce your household bills by as much as 20% per year.


Where do you install replacement UPVC Windows and Doors?


We supply our replacement UPVC Windows and Doors All INDIA. You may call us on +91 11 46016300 during office hours from Monday to Saturday (9.30 am – 6.30 pm) or you may also leave us your contact details with query.


How much will it cost me to replace my Old Windows and Doors?


Every home is different - the shape and size of everyone's Windows and Doors are not the same too! Our different homes and styles means we all have different requirements.


Because every home is different, all our Windows and Doors are tailor-made specially for your home and because we offer such a wide range of styles, openings and fittings we will need to visit your home to measure up before we can give you an accurate idea of how much it will cost.


You can Call a visit usually within 24 hours by calling our telephone +91 11 46016300.


Or if you prefer you can fix an appointment for free design consultation. Simply take a moment entering the details on our fix an appointment or request a call. We will then contact you to arrange a visit to your home.


What is the difference between PVC Windows and Doors, PVCu Windows and Doors & UPVC Windows and Doors?


There is no difference whatsoever and to be absolutely correct it is PVC-U and neither of the above!

UPVC or PVCU windows and door – it means all the same. It seems that they were all calling it PVC-U because European languages mostly place the noun (being PVC in this case) before the adjective (U).

The 'PVC' part of it stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. The 'U' stands for Un-plasticized. Poly Vinyl Chloride, which we know as every day 'PVC' is modified and can then be used in the manufacture of products such as bags, shoes and also fake leather. It is the use of this material which has made us familiar with the abbreviation 'PVC'.

Pure PVC-U is not quite suitable for replacement Windows and Doors and doors. A small amount of additives are required, necessary to provide longevity, high weather and UV resistance, and also to achieve a white Color making it ideal to use for the production of Windows and Doors and doors.


What Colors do your replacement Windows and Doors come in?


Our replacement Windows and Doors come in a range of Colors and whilst the standard manufactured Color for UPVC is white, we also do another eight types of Colored Windows and Doors.

In addition to the universally popular brilliant white Windows and Doors, you can also choose traditional wood grains in the rich, dark elegance of Mahogany or the delightful Light Oak, Golden Oak option. You can even choose from our fabulous new painted color range comprising of all RAL shades and many more metallic shades.


Do you sell Wooden Windows and Doors, Aluminum windows and doors or any timber products or any other material?


Yes, we do sell a large variety of Windows and Doors. The materials are wood windows and doors, wood aluminum clad or composite windows and doors, aluminum wood clad or composite windows and doors, Aluminum windows and doors, steel windows and doors, and many other thermal break windows and doors. We specialize in high quality windows and door.


Do I need to do anything before you install my windows?


We usually advise you to take down and curtains, blinds and their fittings and remove any ornaments or furniture nearby to enable us to get started as soon as possible.


Will new windows reduce noise?


INTEGRITY double glass and laminated glass windows and doors reduce outside noises to make your house a more relaxing and quiet place to be. Each of your windows can be designed with different options to reflect their position to the outside world - for example if you have a noisy road outside the back of your house, you can pick laminated double glass for just those windows.


Can you make the windows to specific shapes e.g. portholes?


Yes, we make all of our ITALIAN range of windows and doors to individual specifications so please call us on +91 11 46016300, or fill in Fix an appointment or Request a Call form to discuss your individual requirements.


Why can't you give me a price online?


Every one of our products is different. This means they are tailor-made specially for your home and because of this we cannot give you an approximate price online  - you may select our GET A QUOTE option and send in your design requirements and we shall revert to you with your quotes.


What will happen during the visit from the sales person?


Our sales person will listen carefully to your individual requirements and talk you through our design and manufacture process. They will demonstrate our high quality products, take some careful measurements and give you a free no obligation quote - tailored to your specific requirements.


How do you ensure the workmanship of your fitters?


"To become an INTEGRITY windows and doors installer, you have to meet the most rigorous standards of workmanship. In other words, we employ only the best.


How do I change the time of my visit from the sales adviser?


Please call us on +91 11 46016300 and we will be happy to arrange a time that is convenient with you.


What happens after we have accepted the quote for our home improvements?


Once your order has been received, INTEGRITY UPVC windows and doors will carefully manufacture your products to your exact specification. We will arrange an installation date with you and then an expert team of INTEGRITY windows and doors fitters will install your improvements quickly and efficiently, and with the least possible inconvenience to you.


Whom do I need to pay for placing my order?


You need to place the order in the name of the concern “INTEGRITY windows and doors” Dealer or you may also contact us on +91 11 46016300 for any queries.


How long are your Windows and Doors warranted for?


All our Windows and Doors are warranted for 10 years unless specified. A premium Energy rated Bronze Windows and Doors are warranted for life.