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Weather Proof Windows


leaky windows and doors are a major concern for all homeowners, costing them money as well as comfort. Leaky windows can let cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter to escape from your house, forcing you to run your heating and air conditioning systems longer than normal and causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Weather proofing windows can prevent a major source of climate controlled air loss and can be done easily at home without having to call an expensive contractor or specialist. Any novice homeowner can weatherproof his windows, making the house energy efficient in very little time and for very little money.

Good weatherproof windows will have following key features:

1. Gaskets used between sash, frames and glass.

2. Silicone or PU foam filled properly between gap of frame and the wall

3. Windows or doors should be installed properly.

4. There should be proper drainage mechanism.

5. Proper multi-point locking mechanism should be used to seal the windows and doors from all sides.


Weatherproofing your house can save you a lot of money throughout the year and keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Correct windows and doors should selected while buying a new windows and doors or while ordering replacement windows as  “WINDOWS ARE FOR LIFE”.