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All Wood


ALL WOOD” is the system made of solid wood offering high technical performance, a wide range of windows and doors in wood species and broad versatility.


Thanks to the great flexibility in its production, it provides nearly infinite possibilities for customization, both in shape, size, finish and opening solutions.


Solid Wood windows and doors remains one of the most stable building materials available. Solid Wood windows and doors are highly energy efficient. In fact, Solid Wood insulates more than any other window and door material available. This, coupled with our double overlay sash detail, double gaskets, and multipoint locking hardware, results in the highest performing windows and doors in the market. It’s no wonder that Solid Wood casement windows are the choice for everyone of all time.


You will be hard pressed to find someone willing to admit that there is a more beautiful windows and doors material specially ITALIAN WINDOWS available than Solid Wood. Perhaps the most compelling testimony to the charm of Solid Wood is that many manufacturers are now offering uPVC window systems which looks like Solid Wood surfaces, in an effort to simulate the unparalleled beauty of Solid Wood windows and doors.